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Meet the Founder: Sara founder of Seventeen Minutes says “The average mum gets 17 minutes a da

I’m Sara, mum of two, avid tea drinker and biscuit eater and founder of Seventeen Minutes. 

Seventeen Minutes is all about thoughtful gifts for mums who deserve some time to themselves, the average mum gets 17 minutes a day to herself, hence the name! I live in London with my family and most days you’ll find me working at the kitchen table in my slippers.

My biggest challenge since starting up Seventeen Minutes in March 2019 has been running a start up from home, which means I work on my own. Although I’m quite happy in my own company and staying on task, I miss being part of a team sometimes. Not just the chance to have a chinwag over a cup of tea or the banter but the chance to bounce ideas off other people and plan things together. 

Like every mum, I find it hard to concentrate if the kids have had a bad night. Generally I’m very focused on growing the business and I’ve set myself goals to strive for. Seeing the business move forward is such a boost and all the motivation I need. 

I quit my 10 year career to start the business so in lots of ways I’m starting from scratch. Success means being happy and feeling proud of what I’ve achieved so far. 

If I was to give one piece of advice to someone starting their own business I’d say just go for it. Confidence is the biggest hurdle for lots of us starting businesses but you don’t want to be the one looking back in 10 years time and regretting that you didn’t try. Just start. 

I’m a big believer in self-care, I’m building a business around it! As a mum and a business owner, I know how hard it is to switch off sometimes but it is so important to press pause and just slow down. We’re not Duracell bunnies, we can’t just keep going. I carve out regular time to myself each week as part of my own self-care routine and I take this time to do something that’s just for me. It might be going to yoga, baking, reading a book, having a bath with all the extras or even as simple as having an early night. When I’ve had time to myself, I feel happier and ultimately that’s better for the whole family. 

My long term goal is to grow the business steadily and to have a work life balance I’m happy with. That means being able to do the pick ups and drop offs for the kids, spend time with them each day and work on my business. 

If I had the worlds attention for 30 seconds I’d say that the world is full of so much unnecessary hate sometimes, so let’s be kinder to each other and kinder to ourselves. 

At Seventeen Minutes we curate gorgeous gift boxes for mums because sometimes all we need is some encouragement to take a little time for ourselves. Reminding yourself or someone who needs some TLC that it’s okay to slow down with a hot cup of tea or unwind with some goodies can make all the difference.  

All of our boxes are lovingly packed by hand and sent with a personalised handwritten gift tag. The perfect gift for someone you care about or a lovely treat for yourself. 

Visit: to order a box or subscribe. Order before 14th December for Christmas delivery.


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