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About Katie Carr Creative

We believe in the extraordinary power of captivating narratives, engaging content, and authentic designs to not only connect with you but to inspire meaningful actions...

Hi I'm Katie!

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"Katie is lovely to work with. She was very supportive as I started my business. Katie is highly organised and focused on what needs to be done. Alongside getting my business processes in order, she grew my Instagram profile with thoughtfully created branded graphics. I would highly recommend her!"

- Ruth Thomson Coaching

Organised creative and coffee queen! I’m a freelance copywriter and content creator based in Kent; a mere eight-minute walk from the beach.

I cannot be without a book. I’ve always been a bookworm for as long as I can remember.

I love to immerse myself in different worlds, times and people's lives. My obsession isn’t limited to books; I’ll consume words in any form; ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, blogs, articles…

Combining my love of words with my love of art and design brings me such joy every day. You can trust that you’ll be in good hands; I’m experienced in copywriting, graphic design, marketing, social media, and brand strategy, which means I think about the big picture and always think about your business’s future and what sets you apart.

Penny Aspden Coaching

“I was so lucky to be referred to Katie. Right from the start Katie focused on learning aboutme and my business, and has clever and skillful ways about doing this. She takes you on a journey of discovery. Easy and fun t work with, nothing is too much trouble and she gets brilliant results!"

Juliette Dyke Coaching

"Katie made the whole process very easy, creative and enjoyable. She created and in-depth brand and strategy guide which captured the essense of my business perfectly. Katie is friendly, professional and highly creative."

Lucy Davis

"Katie is a subtle, non-pushy genius! I LOVE what she came up with. I refer back to my brand strategy document again and again, it helps me make so many business decisions. It's been a game changer!"

Coming soon...


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