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Once upon a brand...

Your story begins with the connection made when someone hears your name for the first time, sees your logo, visits your website, reads your about page and experiences your interactions on social media.

The way someone feels about your brand usually decides whether they'll buy your product or service. By giving your offerings a distinct identity and weaving stories that hit the right notes with your dream crowd, you're inviting your audience on a journey they'll want to expereince.. 


Do you find it difficult to explain your vision/message/mission to the world?

Short of time and need help getting something out there that you’re really proud of?



Bridge the gap between traditional storytelling and dry business communications.


How a person feels about your brand typically determines whether they buy your product or service. By giving your products or services an identity and sharing stories that resonate with the right people, you can take your audience on a journey they want to experience. 

Creating authentic and conversational content is the most glorious way for your clients or customers to form a personal connection with your business.

What I offer:

  • Copywriting and copyediting

  • Web copy & SEO (meta descriptions)

  • Blog posts & articles (SEO)

  • Landing pages & funnels

  • Case studies

  • Lead magnet copy & design

  • Social media copy & image creation

  • Social media campaign planning

  • Product descriptions

  • Brochures, guides & workbook & design

  • Newsletters & email nurture sequences

  • Comms & content strategy

    You can book a day, short-term project support, recurring or long-term package.


Strategy & Design

You now realise that simply being “different” from your competitors isn’t enough to make an impact.

Together we will dive deep below the surface in a way that basic brand design, copywriting and planning doesn’t. My Ultimate Brand Strategy Package has everything to make this happen; exploration and research session, business and branding planning, design work and tailored comms strategy.

Everything you need – done for you!

We will map out your business to a high level, define your niche, identify and understand your target market, set your goals and purpose, and position your brand to grow.

What's included:

  • Business branding or brand refresh. Includes logo, fonts and colour palette.

  • Brand pack

  • 2-hour brand and marketing strategy session

  • Canva set-up and designs

  • Full brand & strategy guide

  • Extra marketing and content planning session

  • Website creation*

Ultimate Strategy & Mini Strategy Packages are available from £1,800.

*Please note: I work with an experienced website designer, which isn’t included in my packages, it will be quoted separately as an additional cost. Prices vary depending on your requirements.

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