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3 simple things you can do on Instagram

If you occasionally have breaks from socials then good for you – I do too.

…But does the thought of getting visible and consistent make you just want to throw your phone out the window?

The good news is that I’ve done the thinking for you and trust me, it’s the small things that bring together a social media strategy, so have a go at these:

  1. Get your house in order: How’s your profile looking? Does your bio still accurately describe your brand and solve your customer’s problems? Do all your links work? Could you utilise your story highlights to let new customers know who you are and how your brand works? Can you pin 1-3 posts which will help you make a great first impression? Done all that? Schedule this practice in each quarter, it shouldn’t take too long but it’ll make the world of difference.

  2. Create a plan: Grab a pen and paper and scribble down a testing plan for the next month. Yep, a testing plan… it’s a great way to suss out what is and isn’t working. Think about what do you want to learn, like whether video content outperforms posting images? Try a new thing each week and see what stats does this produce. Did you get more impressions on the video week but better engagement on the image week? This will help you to find a successful content plan for 2023!

  3. Say hi to your audience: A huge part of social media is breaking down boundaries between brands and consumers. So, be real with your audience, give them a poll or host a live to find out what content they want to see. Take the guesswork out of content creation!

Now celebrate!


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