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7 inbox hacks

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Who doesn’t need some help with cleaning up their emails?!

I’ve always had this obsession about keeping my inbox down to 1 page, it’s my to do list, any more than that I find I’m bit overwhelmed. I can see everything, nothing gets lost and it’s manageable.

Here are some of my inbox hacks to help you get it under control..

1) Flag, star or colour code important or outstanding emails.

2) Create ‘broad’ folders and by that I mean keep it simple – ‘personal’, ‘house’, ‘project/client name’, ‘2017’.. whatever it might just don’t make them too specific, search functions on most inboxes are pretty good now and when you file things away it will make it quick.

3) Don’t keep duplicates, filter them by subject and get deleting.

4) Unsubscribe, unsubscribe and unsubscribe some more! It’s a boring task but will help your inbox massively.

5) If you’re unsure about any emails then you probably don’t need them, especially if they are over a year old, be ruthless and just delete them.

6) Make phone calls, we’re all guilty of pinging of a ‘quick’ note on the move, before a meeting or late at night but this actually generates more inbox traffic so if its a quick thing then pick up the phone.

7) If you have got thousands of emails and if you can’t be bothered to do any of the above then create a folder called ‘old’ put all your emails in there that are older than 7 or 30 days and just manage what is left and what comes in.

Good luck and let me know how you get on!


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