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Do ONE thing in your business

I read a book called The ONE Thing in January 2020 because I was intrigued, I wanted to know how to do less but be more productive. It all made perfect sense and I was a typical ‘multitasker’, guilty of spreading my engery too thinly,  getting distracted and procrastinating.

These two sentenses pretty much sum up the book; “Ignore all the things you could do and focus on what you should do.” and “Recognise what matters the most; connect with what you want and what you have to do to get there.”

So I read and whole heartedly agreed with it all but did I do it? No.

Over the past several months I’ve over stretched myself in so many directions. I was just doing and doing and it was complete madness – for me and my business. Things went wrong, things went right, things were hard and I felt slightly panicked everyday with everything I had to do.

It’s clearly not sustainable or enjoyable.

The trouble is that, if you’re like me, you’re super passionate and driven, you get so caught up in the freedom of being your own boss then you rush into things and do too much. You can’t help but feel inspired by all the new ideas, opportnities and possibilities.

There’s no job description restrictions and no manager to answer to. But as business owners we also don’t really have much guidance, cover or help, no training or clear process to follow unless you invest in yourself right at the beginning.

Even then it’s still really easy to get distracted.

Most of us just make it up and get a bit lost.⠀⠀⠀

I’d had enough with tail chasing so three months ago I started to block out time on a regular basis to check in with myself. I actually use the new and full moon as guidance to do this. This might be a bit woo woo for some people so instead you could just set aside some regular time.

A couple of times a month I spend an evening setting intentions, reflecting, letting things go and I look at what is and isn’t working so I can make adjustments. This regular practise stops me from mindlessly doing and doing. It keeps me present and grounded.

Deep down I know this, we all know this but it’s a really useful reminder…

Narrow your focus and do a few things well, don’t spread yourself too thinly in business or in life. People think that you have to do lots of big things to be big but it’s actually the reverse. Keep your dreams big but your steps and focus small, over time your achievements will add up.”

Do you find you get bomarded and drip fed other peoples entreprenuerial dreams, ideas, journeys and their version of success? What happens is we begin to take them on as our own and we start to look at all the things we don’t have.

Such as I don’t have a mailing list, my Facebook group is gathering dust, I haven’t done a Reel, I need to get my head around funnels, I need to design a lead magnet, are paid ads worth doing, should I create a course…

Too much noise, too many should’s.

Note to self: Do ONE thing.

Make sure your priorities and steps are aligned and support your ONE goal. Use your precious time wisely.

How are you going to simplify your life and business? What’s your ONE thing?


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