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Have You Become Good Enough Yet?

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It’s well and truly December so have you achieved all your goals for the year?

Does that fill you with dread and make you want to bury your head in a tin of Quality Street?

I love all self-help and self-improvement ideas but I don’t always like how this time of year can make me feel. Resolutions create pressure for me to be a certain way that I’m not ready to be yet. I do think about and sometimes write down what I want to do more or less of during the up and coming year.

Resolutions are nice idea and can be helpful for people that want to make positive changes but pressure of achievement or not not achieving something can be counterproductive and make you lousy. If you are feeling down in the dumps about it then maybe make a note of things you’re grateful for instead, you might be surprised what you’ve accomplished this year!

You absolutely don’t have to but if you do want to make some life changes and actually stick to them then the best way is to is to decide on a couple of small things each month – such as one week a month without alcohol, two 20-30 minute sessions of exercise a week (schedule them in your calendar), one hour a week of doing something you love (get that in the calendar too) or saving £100 a month…

Most importantly keep it simple, be flexible and relax.


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