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Poem: I feel tired

So tightly wound up. I clench my jaw so much these days. Guilt is eating me up over birthday’s I’ve missed, cancelling get togethers, not putting effort into dinner, my 5 year old being angry, my 2 year old needing me too much, the haircut I cancelled, the play date I didn’t go to, the texts I haven’t replied to, the books I haven’t read, the gym I’ve not been to for over a week, the food I’ve been eating, not doing enough, doing too much, the money I’m spending, the time alone I’m having or not having, the vitamins I haven’t taken, the things I can’t give emotionally, that my 2 year old still has a bottle and sleeps in our bed most nights, global warming, the herbal tea bags in the pretty jar that I don’t drink, refugees in Syria, dust, the potted plants in my garden that I haven’t planted, wanting to sleep, not doing the ‘optional’ school projects, not putting family photos into frames, not finishing a course, being on social media too much, not being visible on social media… Being too honest.


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