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The best time for a new beginning is now.

Autumn is the season of reflection and taking stock. Nature starts to wind down or go into hiding during the colder months; vivid greens are replaced by warm, burnt oranges, reds and browns.

The warm, sunny summer weather is almost over, and winter is on its way.

It’s almost like the clean up after a massive party. Subdued, tired, nostalgic and maybe a little sad.

You’ve probably already got a lot going on, whether that’s in your head or physically in front of you. I always think of autumn as a start of new beginnings. Perhaps because of the new school year, it feels like a chance to start afresh all over again, it’s exciting and it’s a good feeling.

I love the feel of autumn days; jumpers, thick tights, hot baths, hearty meals and cosy nights in.

What are you planning to do this month?

  1. Declutter your wardrobe

  2. Start a new book

  3. Find your comfy pyjamas

  4. Start a journal

  5. Spend sometime in nature

  6. Start planning and saving for Christmas

Don’t try and commit to doing too much because most of the time when you’re trying to IMPROVE your mental health, the last thing you want to do is give yourself more tasks to ‘fail’ at. You’re not a failure, obviously.

Falling behind on your self-care routine isn’t failing – it’s life. But you and I know exactly how our brains work; not doing something that we’ve planned means failure.

Be realistic and set fun achievable goals!


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