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The one surprising thing I learnt in 2020

It’s not resilience, patience or how to fly the positivity flag again and again. What I’ve actually learnt is how to listen to myself.

I’ve made every effort to give myself time and the space to tune into my intuition and really align my life with what I truly want and need.

I didn’t discover this until I was probably on the brink of burnout.

I was (and still am) juggling a growing business, raising a young family, running a house and keeping friendships going.

The difference is now that I’m able to prioritise and create boundaries without feeling guilty.

The results have been life changing. Literally.

I mean, life is far from perfect but it flows better and I trust that things will fall into place.

Since doing this everything has completely changed in my business, the way I am with my children, husband, friends and family.

I feel like I’m able to confidently create healthy boundaries, I feel calm and content considering life is very restricted at the moment, we are at home a lot but weirdly I feel lighter and ‘free’.

I started tuning into my intuition by practising moon rituals, this means that I block out regular time every month to reconnect, realign, reflect and let go of things that are going on in my life. It gives me clarity and focus. And just some space to breathe.

Some people think it’s crazy woo woo stuff. What can I say, it works for me.

I’m a real advocate for self help, goal setting and reflection, but sometimes we get stuck in a cycle of over examining everything and consuming too much information thinking it will help.

The result often had and has the reverse effect. It actually increased my feelings of imposter syndrome and prolonged my procrastination.

The key is to take positive action and move forward in a way that you know is aligned and supports your big picture. Knowing this will just give you the confidence and determination to make it happen.

We should start trusting ourselves more, because somewhere deep down we have all the answers, we know exactly what we have to do.

We just need to slow the fudge down and start paying attention to ourselves.

What’s the one healthy habit you discovered or adopted in 2020?


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