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Tips for tone of voice

Tone of voice isn’t just ‘the way a person is speaking to someone’ – it applies to your brand copy too and not just how you sound when you say words out loud.

You know that if you don’t strike the right tone, your listeners, or readers in this case, might miss what you’re saying because of how you’re saying it. The tone of your writing can be crucial and because you can’t speak to each and every person – unless you enjoy creating videos, which is why they’re king on social media.

But if you’re an introvert like me, then writing will probably be your preferred type of content marketing.

So how do you develop your TOV?

Get writing – write for yourself at first, then write to a friend or your reader/clients in mind.

To be able to write…

  1. You don’t need a marketing degree

  2. You don’t need an English degree (A-Level or GCSE)

  3. English doesn’t need to be your first language

  4. It doesn’t need to be perfect

  5. You don’t have to follow the rules, guidelines or principles

But you do need to…

  1. Listen and have your client/customer in mind

  2. Be clear on your idea

  3. Think about the words you use

  4. Make time to read and write – it helps ideas to flow

  5. Say something real and write the way you speak

This blog articulates tone of voice brilliantly and gives some great examples.

Do worry about what everyone is up to and ignore the peer pressure. Think about what is right for your brand.

How can you stand out? What can you stand up for? What can you share to get your clients/customers to notice you?


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