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Useful journal prompts to work through the fear

Fear manifests in all kinds of ways, from daily procrastination to full blown anxiety and self-sabotage.

You know that as a freelancer or small business owner you need to make small steps out of your comfort zone, a lot, on a regular basis.

You need to learn to be resilient, agile and open-minded to endure the multitude of challenging situations and inevitable bumps in the road.

As well as those things you’ll also need to work with your fears because they will come up time and time again. If you push them away they’ll just keep coming back, it’s always best to deal with your gremlins by facing them and having a chat with them.

This will help you to understand the causes, triggers, meanings and messages so that you can actually move forward and build confidence at the same time. You’ll be able to put the fear into perspective and begin to focus on the result in a positive way.

Here are some journal prompts to help you – work through them all or choose a few to begin with.

What are your values?

What is important to you?

What is your vision?

Learn to listen to your intuition…

What are you afraid of?

Where does the fear come from?

What is the worst that can happen?

If I could do anything (without failing or judgement) what would you do?

What do I need to release?

How can I serve others instead of hiding / holding back?

What is your most inspiring customer success story? How did your product/service impact them?

What have you achieved in the last year or six months that you feel most proud of?

If journalling becomes your way of coping and working through complicated thoughts then the more you do it the faster you’ll be. You can move on from solitary writing sessions to conversations with your most trusted friends and just working through something quickly in your head.

If you can’t find a solution then a conversation with a coach could be the way forward. Please feel free to do your own research to find the right one for you but please go by someone’s recommendation…

I find that a single session really helps me when I’m at a crossroads. Being able to spend 60-90 minutes talking about yourself and your needs is just incredibly empowering and insightful.

Here are my personal recommendations – I didn’t realise I knew this many brilliant coaches!

  1. Rebecca Caution, holistic life and business coach

  2. Laura Ridout, women’s transformational coach

  3. Tamu Thomas, self-trust and personal growth coach

  4. Ray Dodd, money mindset coach

  5. Victoria Smith-Murphy, intuition coach

  6. Francesca Manca, business growth and marketing coach

  7. Ruth Thomson, work-life balance coach

  8. Sara Price, business impact and communication coach

  9. Rashmi Narayana, leadership and clarity coach

  10. Sophie Burch, parenting coach

  11. Helen Shane, business finance coach

Good luck and I’d love to know if this has been helpful!


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