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How to give yourself ‘The Edge’.

Upskilling and personal development are closely linked and are vital in the workplace and life today.

I’m a huge fan of upskilling and believe this is key in redefining yourself and enhancing your specific skill set and strengths in an era of increasing automation and changing business priorities.

Upskilling is more than just a new term for training and development.

It comes along at a time when teaching yourself new skills is no longer just a nice thing for you to do but a must-do and companies are catching on!

If you do an online course to gain knowledge and experience on a particular subject then you don’t need to go straight in and sign up for an expensive degree and the courses you choose doesn’t even have to provide you with a qualification or certificate. You can do small online courses or face to face sessions on any subject you feel might be useful or relevant to your current role or towards a future role.

I’ve done courses that have helped me in my career and I’ve done some just because I’m interest to learn more. I’ve reskilled myself by doing courses that weren’t relevant to my job at the time but have since become useful in setting up my own business.

Upskilling is the best way to make you unique and making your role in the workplace unique. It also helps you to standout from your peers and gives you an advantage by setting you apart. Honestly, which employer or client doesn’t want someone to work with someone who is committed to keeping themselves knowledgeable, relevant and motivated.

I believe it shows good self discipline and most importantly, passion. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing or enjoying it then is it right for you?!

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