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Pausing isn’t failing – 4 ways to get motivated.


Motivation is remarkably important to have, at times it seems impossible to grasp or keep it going. Having too many elements of ‘must have’ or ‘must do’ can make things overwhelming and not sustainable, so it has the opposite effect!

Re-set, re-adjust, re-focus, re-start.. as many times as you need to!

The key is learning how to break things down and plan so that you can move forward and feel a sense of achievement. Recognising a healthy balance of internal and external motivating factors will ensure you stay motivated and focused..

  1. Gaining motivation that comes from within yourself is much harder to earn as opposed to motivation that comes from external rewards. Outside rewards (like money) lose their value rather quickly compared to the rewards we get from internal objectives and desires. Finding real and genuine purpose in your daily actions can improve the level of internal motivation you possess.

  2. Remind yourself why it is important to you to have that motivation every day. Whether your motivation is toward finishing university, being healthy (food and exercise), working towards a promotion, moving on from a break up etc.. its concentrated on something for a reason.

  3. Set long term goals and short term ones as well. Short term goals are attractive because you can see the accomplishment quickly, but long term goals are the type of targets you have set to change your life.

  4. Having a role model, mentor or coach in your life that can guide you and watch you accomplish the things that you dream of, it can make an enormous impact on your level of motivation and your confidence.

If you have life goals you have a purpose – I always try to remember that I have to complete my short term goals while working towards my long term goals.

If you lack motivation, try to understand yourself and figure out why, ask yourself, what’s wrong? Ask someone for help and support if you struggle to work out what is holding you back.

On a day when you are feeling particularly motivated, try to understand where it’s coming from and manipulate that feeling or emotion more often. Actions often reflect an individual’s motivation level so when people do things because they love to do them, not because they have to – hence why it is essential to decide what it is that you love to do and if you aren’t doing this ask yourself why.

Remember that you don’t have to feel super motivated every day, it’s ok, you haven’t failed! If you get tired then learn to take take a break and rest, not to quit.

Reward yourself and recognise your success – don’t let them go unnoticed, even if no one else notices!


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