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You don’t need to know what your dream job is.

I find I still think about what that ‘dream job’ is but to be honest I have no idea, some days it’s more ambitious and others it’s pretty modest, it just depends how I’m feeling. I have ideas so I find myself exploring topics, reading, writing and learning about things that I like and whatever takes my interest but there isn’t a straightforward answer.

Sometimes I find that not having a definitive dream job is actually a good thing, for starters there isn’t a constant lingering feeling or thought in my mind that I’m failing and it allows me to feel more contented with my current situation on a daily basis.

I have many friends who never feel really happy with their careers. They’re simply biding time until they can eventually move on, they never allow themselves to feel settled or even somewhat satisfied, because they are too preoccupied and usually quite negative about their current situation.

I’m probably more flexible, not that I want to hop back and forth between things but it means that I’m happy to do what I can around my priorities and I can adapt to the situation in front of me. What I wanted 2 years ago isn’t necessarily what I want today.

The idea of having a dream job in general seems a bit too all-consuming to me – like I need to wait for that piece to fall into place to finally be happy.

What if don’t feel how I thought I would, what if I’m not happy and life isn’t perfect – my entire life would have felt like a waste and I’d probably feel like a failure.

I have plenty of other skills and interests outside of having my business that I don’t want to be completely discounted, forgotten or overshadowed. Because, I can make a pretty amazing death by chocolate cake when I want to.

Just because I haven’t really identified the title that will thrill me all the time, doesn’t mean I’m not successful and most importantly – happy!

Stop feeling bad, you’re not floundering and unmotivated. You’re not lacking in direction and ambition. It’s OK, you are OK as you are.


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