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5 steps to help you move forward and overcome your fears.

You may have this fear of failing or of doing something new, which is very natural but in order to do stuff that matters, grow and expand your world, you need to overcome that. I hate to break it to you but nothing exciting happens in you comfort zone.

We feel entitled to be comfortable but can you really do anything meaningful in your life if you feel comfortable?

  1. Do that one thing – take that metaphorical step out of your comfort zone. Are you scared of what might happen? The result of taking that step? That’s what courage feels like.

  2. So now we are in the zone you wanted to avoid – you will now be met with the fear, self doubt, you will lack confidence but be prepared to feel this way. It’s ok to be scared, it just means that you are doing something really brave. Eventually this zone will feel alright and not so uncomfortable.

  3. The next step forward is pretty exciting, it’s the learning zone – you will acquire new skills, deal with challenges and problems. Keep positive now, you’ve done the fear zone.

  4. Stay in this learning zone for as long as you can – yes everything will be new and you may feel slightly wobbly, your mind will be quite negative but keep focused. This is the stage lots of people step back from, it’s where you make progress and your confidence grows.We believe what we say about ourselves so say something positive!

  5. Gradually you feel good, amazing even – it could happen suddenly, when you aren’t expecting it. You’ve started to enjoy what you’re doing, you’re accomplishing something, you are growing!

Courage is a choice. Courage doesn’t mean you don’t feel afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.

I wonder what you can achieve now?!


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