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Be a trailblazer, a changemaker.

There is just a lot going on isn’t there?!

It’s relentless. Or is it just me that feels like this?

It’s not until you take a step back, catch your breath and realise that you’re a trailblazer… own it.

You’re a trailblazer if you recognise that professionalism isn’t defined by the hairstyle you choose or the clothes you wear. It’s the standard of conduct you uphold.

You’re a trailblazer if you battle with the echoes of ‘before’ but constantly strive to find a new ‘normal’ for you and your family.

You’re a trailblazer if you are driven by politics, science, activism, and technology… you look at ways to support your communities and in business to shatter glass ceilings and do what has never been done before.

You’re a trailblazer if you are a female entrepreneur, because the odds are against you. Don’t be put off by the nay-sayers, though. If you’ve got a great business idea, it’s really worth persevering to make it happen. Despite the fact that only 15% of venture capital is invested in them, women-led businesses consistently offer a better return on that investment.

You’re a trailblazer if your motivation isn’t profit-driven and you have a more meaningful, customer-led approach, and you take a greater interest in corporate social responsibility, and collaborative working culture.

You’re a trailblazer if success means more than social media vanity metrics.

You’re a trailblazer if you know that you’re worth more than annual objectives reviews and are prepared to work through a sh*t tonne of personal stuff to put yourself out there, adapt and upskill quicker than you can say ‘purpose-driven mumpreneur’.

You’re a trailblazer if you make your own rules and don’t buy into what has always worked in the past; you find a gap and fill it.

You’re a trailblazer if you have a vision that not only guides you, but also provides the impetus and resilience not to give up. You make a habit out of venturing outside of your comfort zone, face challenging obstacles, take chances, fail repeatedly, and persevere until you achieve your goals.

You’re a trailblazer if you use your voice to make an impact, not letting others hold you back or put you down and being the only person who can define who you are and the way you live your life.

I could go on…

So when things get tough or get too much don’t forget we’re all in limbo – trying to find a way that works for us and figure out our place in the modern world. Whether it’s hybrid, flexible, homeworking, side hustle or just being your own boss.

We’re doing something completely new; discovering what we can’t and can’t do. Pushing ourselves to the limit and dealing with overload and overwhelm on the regular.

We work, parent and live so differently now and there is no ‘normal’ or example to follow.

Be kind to yourself because forging new paths and trying to create order and clarity is exhausting when the lines, roles and ‘rules’ are blurred.


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