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Balancing your masculine and feminine energy

Energy is something that we feel really drawn to whether it’s in person, which is more powerful, or by what you’re putting out into the world – it runs through everything you do.

But this energy can get a bit lost and crumpled when it’s not given the space to thrive. You have to actively engage with it and nurture it.

So why am I so interested in it? Traditionally being successful in our career or business meant having mostly masculine energy and traits around risk-taking, confidence, strength, discipline, structure, competitiveness, assertiveness and the ability to be direct.

We hold a lot of our feminine energy back a lot through shame. The more comfortable and connected you become with yourself the more you can give. You have so many gifts!

Most of our limitations come from childhood wounds that we’ve carried, they affect our experiences and shape our lives – supporting the stories we tell ourselves. And it means we can’t fully show up or be present. Part of how you can reclaim yourself and process these thoughts and emotions is by going to the root – I find that grounding and self-love are really powerful at these points.

Self-love is a daily practice, it’s never complete. Self-love looks like forgiveness, kindness, breathwork, taking time to enjoy your sensuality and acceptance. It’s not to be confused with self-care, which is more about actions than thoughts and feelings.

The way I think about it is that masculine energy is like a scaffolding for feminine energy. And it’s what keeps you going. Just being aware of yourself and how you live your life, run your business and show up for yourself and others is how you start to address the balance. Both energies work well in a kind of dance together.

Regardless of gender, if your masculine energy becomes too dominant you might feel stressed, become cold and begin to disconnect from your body, your sexuality and then you end up being disconnected from nature and things that give you vitality and joy. If you are too much in our feminine you might not get much done, feel unfulfilled, unable to set boundaries and become reliant on others.

They need to both be present but work together and almost take turns and you can tap into whichever healthy energy you need.

Are you aware of your energy balance?

What positive energies can you tap into?

I find that if I’m too much in my masculine or feminine energy then they become negative and I feel edgy and stressed or drained. What I’ve come to realise is that sometimes it’s not the things in my life that create imbalance like a full diary, house chores, admin, commitments or kids but the things inside me.


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