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How to appreciate every moment

Many of us can get on board with appreciating the good in our lives, but when it comes to experiences like boredom, stress, or loneliness, our default approach is to push through it. But if we’re chasing the good and enduring the bad or neutral moments in between, that will inflate our negative emotions and make those good moments feel a little less rewarding.

I find sometimes I’m so focused on getting there I miss all the moments on the way and rush to what I want or think is the good end goal, event, moment, time.. when I try to enjoy everything that comes my way I sometimes leave out the not so enjoyable difficult or challenging things rather than embracing them and finding the value in them.

When you are with others just delight in it, we all need companionship (friends or a partner). As humans we crave touch, company and find enjoyment with others. We were not made to be hermits and nor were we designed to only flourish in solitude. We are meant to get out into the world, meet people, have experiences and open ourselves to all possibilities.

It is scientifically proven that your psychological well-being is highly dependent on your connection with others. Having a number of close friends you can count on doesn’t just provide opportunities for fun, intimacy, and emotional well-being, it is imperative to your physical health, too. Good social support might also help you in coping with stress and major life changes like a divorce, redundancy, moving house etc.

When you complete something celebrate the result and take a moment to pause and don’t worry about the next thing looming, just for a little while.

I don’t often feel bored but it’s freedom should be enjoyed, doing something mundane should be savoured. Otherwise we find ourselves keeping busy to avoid boredom such as filling our diaries, adding to ‘to do’ lists or spending time trying to entertain ourselves on our phones. Being by ourselves without distractions is deeply restorative and in those moments you can sometimes find contentment.


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