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How to Keep Your Smart Phone from Hurting Your Relationships

Although they’re just small rectangular objects in our pockets, smartphones are leading to significant shifts in how we interact with the world. So how do you keep your smartphone from harming your connection to others?

Don’t replace face-to-face interactions with electronic interactions ample research shows that building strong social relationships is one of the best things we can do for our mental and physical, and it may be easier and faster for us to build these relationships in person. Engaging in face-to-face social interactions tends to improve our mood and reduce depression.

Don’t use your phone when you’re with other people.when we use our smartphones during social interactions, we also diminish our own experience so keep your phone out of sight during meaningful conversations.

Refraining from using your phone might not be enough in certain situations. The ability to be present and listen attentively is key to build trust with others.

If we can’t do that, we risk the health of our relationships—something to remember the next time you’re having an important conversation.

Don’t let your smartphone stop you from socialising with strangers. even seemingly trivial interactions with strangers—like chatting with a barista or cashier—play a big role in how socially connected we feel. How might smartphones affect these interactions? Well, to the extent that we are on our smartphones instead of having casual interactions with others, we miss out on opportunities to connect.

Choosing to reach out to another human being, in many circumstances, can be extremely valuable for our wellbeing and theirs.

If you can’t possibly imagine getting rid of your smartphone, keep this simple advice in mind: Connect with others, mostly in-person, and keep your smartphone stowed away in case of emergencies.


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