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What is White Space and why you need it

Let me share with you how you can shift your mindset from chaos to clarity and embrace more ‘white space’ in your life.

What is White Space?

You might have heard about white space in art and design. In Chinese art, the concept of white space is known as ‘designing the white’, to inspire thought and imagination. White space is where the magic comes alive.

How can you bring white space into your everyday life?

Look at your day, week and monthly diary. How full is your time? How much white space can you see?

Is there too much going on? Do you lack organisation (time management), overfill your own capacity (keep saying Yes), or are you addicted to distraction, where you’ve given permission for things like social media to steal your productivity and your most valuable asset – your time?

What will happen if you continue to live in this state of chaos? Your health, wellbeing, personal performance, productivity, confidence and growth will suffer.

Humans are not designed to be ‘on’ all the time. Our minds and bodies cannot cope with constant mind chatter. We should not be consistent problem solvers.

What do you keep doing and thinking? Do you overthink and overfill your time which leads to you feeling overwhelmed?


It’s time to switch off the noise and switch on to you, let go of the constant stream of chatter.

How you can bring more ‘white space’ into your week and bring your magic to life:

  1. FOMO. 56% of people are afraid of missing something such as event news or social media updates if they don’t ‘keep up on social networks’? How often do you allow this to interrupt your flow? What ONE distraction are you prepared to give up?

  2. 24 hours in a day. We all have the same amount of time so why is it that some people can do more than others? Assess how you make use of time each day. How can you make room for white space to slow down and make time for reflection?

  3. Diarise ‘You’ time. Be alone with yourself, embrace the quiet and calm. Challenge yourself to do nothing and adopt a mindset of ‘white space’.

  4. Time block your day. Plan short, specific goals and protect the time you set aside to achieve them, do them without distraction, you will be surprised how much you can do in 40 minutes when you aren’t interrupted.

  5. Attitude of gratitude. Make time at the start of your day to be thankful for what matters in your life. Charge yourself with mindful energy, purpose and confidence.

  6. Take a walk. Have you ever taken a no purpose ‘Wonder Walk’? A 20 minute walk can declutter your mind and body and refresh your focus. It’s a fun and liberating way to enjoy ‘white space’ in the outdoor green gym. 

Don’t think this is about fitting more into your life. It’s about reorganising and making time to do what matters. Take one step at a time, you are a work in progress. What actions will you commit to today to start your journey from being mind full to mindful?

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